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Some can wear it, and some can't!

Watching the Austen adaptation's, I find that some actors suit the regency clothes more than others. Some people just don't look comfortable in their costumes!

This is purely my own opinion, so please disagree with me! :) And I am judging it on how they look in the regency costumes, not on their performances or the costumes in general :)

First up, of course ;), the wonderful Mr Darcy.

Here we have Matthew Macfadyen (2005) on the left and Colin Firth (1995) on the right.

I think they both look pretty good in the regency clothes, and all the outfits either of them wear seem to suit them. There are a few outfits in particular which each actor suits really well.

For Macfadyen it would be the Pemberley outfit (which he is wearing in the picture) and also he looks rather dashing at the Netherfield Ball, with his black coat.
And for Firth it would also be the Pemberley outfit (with the green coat and beige trousers) and the outfits he wears at Netherfield while Lizzie visits the poorly Jane. 
And not to mention the shirt and coat flying in the wind at the end of the film and the dripping wet shirt in the series; both of which really suit the actors! ;)


And to continue with Pride and Prejudice, the sweet Mr Bingley.

Simon Woods (2005) on the left and Crispin Bonham-Carter (1995) on the right.

I would say that the clothes for Bingley in the 1995 are more regency than in the 2005. I think they both suit their outfits, and both look inferior to Darcy, which is how it should be.
I think the colour differences in the film are good, as generally Bingley's clothes are lighter than Darcy's, like his character (similar with the horses, Bingley's is white and Darcy's is black).  I also think that the clothes suit his bright hair colour! So, maybe I think Simon Woods's outfits are better, even though they both suit the regency styles.  

And finally from Pride and Prejudice, the insufferable Mr Wickham.

Rupert Friend (2005) on the left and Adrian Lukis (1995) on the right.

I think the military outfits are wonderful and very authentic in both the series and the film.
But I find that the outfit seems to suit Simon Woods more. They are in fact very similar, but I think he looks more comfortable in the outfit. He also looks good in the outfit he wears when he brings Lydia home to Longbourn. But, saying that, Adrian Lukis looks rather dashing in the other clothes he wears, which isn't the red coat.

Next, Sense and Sensibility, and the patient Colonel Brandon.

David Morrissey (2008) on the left and Alan Rickman (1995) on the right.  

This one is a little easier, as I think that David Morrissey looks very dashing in the regency clothes, and I find he just suits them more than Alan Rickman (not to say that Alan Rickman doesn't suit them.) I think Morrissey looks great in the coat in the picture, and all he outfits look great. But the boots they both wear are great, and actually I think Rickman suits the outfit he wears at the wedding - he suits the red coat!

And now the loyal Edward Ferrars.

Dan Stevens (2008) on the left and Hugh Grant (1995) on the right.

For me, I think, in general, Stevens suits the clothes more (even though Grant actually looks pretty good in the picture I have chosen!) I thought that at some stages in the film Grant looked a bit uncomfortable in the clothes and they didn't quite suit him. Whereas, I think Stevens suits the outfits throughout the series, and he seems to fit the regency style rather well. 

And lastly from Sense and Sensibility, the abominable Mr Willoughby!

Dominic Cooper (2008) on the left and Greg Wise (1995) on the right.

Both look annoyingly dashing in their regency clothes, but I think if I was Marianne I would fall for Cooper as Willoughby as his clothes really seem to suit him! The colours chosen match his character, and he looks very comfortable in the clothes. Wise looks pretty good in the clothes as well, and in the picture I have chosen, they colour coordinate with Marianne's very well! But, overall, I think Cooper looks more easy in the regency outfits.

And now Emma, and the lovely Mr Knightley.

Jonny Lee Miller (2009) on the left and Jeremy Northam (1996) on the right.

This was quite a though choice as they both suit the style of clothing, but, overall, I think Northam can pull it off more (though, again, the picture I have chosen is one the Miller's best outfits). I do love the colours used for Miller's outfits, and (as shown in both pictures) I again love the boots they are wearing! But, Northam (to me) looked completely relaxed in the clothes all the time, but Miller looked very good too! 


And again from Emma, the devious Mr Churchill.

Rupert Evans (2009) on the left and Ewan McGregor (1996) on the right.

This has to go to Evans, as he looked remarkable well in the regency clothing; they really seemed to suit him, whereas, I don't think McGregor looked that comfortable, not to mention the hair! (But that's a different matter!)

Persuasion, and the deeply romantic Captain Wentworth.

Rupert Penry-Jones (2007) on the left and CiarĂ¡n Hinds (1995) on the right.

Although the Navy uniform worn by Hinds is nice to see, I think Penry-Jones looks better in the outfits; he looks very dashing!  He looks very easy in the clothing, and he really fits in with the period. Hinds just doesn't quite look as comfortable!

And from Mansfield Park, the considerate Edmund Bertram, portrayed here by Blake Ritson (2007).

I think he looks quite good in the regency clothes and fairly comfortable.Thinking about him as Bertram, and than as Elton, I think he looked more easy, clothing wise, as Bertram.

 And finally Northanger Abbey, and the teasing Mr Tilney, portrayed here by J.J. Field (2007).

I think Field really suits regency outfits. He looks very happy in them and they make him fit in with the period very well, and the outfits chosen match his character really well.

And finally, also from Northanger Abbey, John Thorpe, as portrayed here by William Beck (2007).

I didn't think he looked at all comfortable in the regency clothing. He looked very uncomfortable! But, at least he is the baddie, so it doesn't matter!

I think I will sometime do a similar post for the woman :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and if you disagree with me, tell me what you think.

Your affectionate friend,

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  1. Hello!
    I like your blog and your enthusiasm!
    After watching the Austen movies I just finished watching the "Lost in Austen" mini-series. (this is the order I recommend to all)I am curious: have you watched it and how did you like it? Are you going to write about this mini series? how did you like the actors?(sorry, maybe you already wrote about it and I missed that. if so please show me a link, thank you)

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments and I am glad you like my blog :)
    I haven't written about it as yet but I have seen. I did and didn't like it.
    I thought it started ok, even with the changes but then I think it went to far.
    But, otherwise, I think it was really good and very well done.
    I think the thing is to not compare it with Pride and Prejudice, which it isn't!! Haha
    The actors were good I thought!! And yes, it was good, maybe I just like my Austen's kept to the right time period ;)
    I think what I didn't like most of all was when Darcy went through the door to the modern times... And also the change with Wickham! I like to be able to hate Wickham, and you couldn't with that one!!

    How about you?

  3. Hi,
    Your blog is AMAZING! I love the attention to detail on the costumes, how you also about how comfortable the actors looked in them rather than just saying if they looked hot or not ;)
    I also totally agree that Ewan McGregor's hair in Emma is an absolute travesty!
    I also agree that with the 'Lost in Austen' series I also wanted to be able to hate Mr Wickham as well. However I do think that it is a wonderful series and recommend it to anyone! I also found it interesting the way that Georgiana Darcy appeared in it as well, as it is very different to the actual book, as she still appears very naive and adolscent, but in a much more unlike-able way!
    Sorry I have interrupted your conversation!

    1. Hello!
      Aww thank you!
      I thought that that was a better way to judge it... Fairer :)
      It really really is awful! What were they thinking!!!
      Wickham is there to be hated so making him likeable?! No no no!!
      It was a well done series I'll admit. ;)
      I thought so to. But then Georgiana being bad meant Wickham was good... Which is bad. But, it was a clever interpretation of her character.
      The turn with Caroline was... Different!
      The whole thing was a interesting take ;)
      Haha no worries! You joined in the conversation!

  4. David Morrissey in Regency Attire <3 hehehe.... :D

    1. he is just so gorgeous! in terms of mannerisms and appearance <3 him


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