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Amanda Grange's Diary Series

After reading the classic novels by Jane Austen, I was doing some research and came across these diaries by Amanda Grange. I had also heard about them by word of mouth and so I finally decided to read them. I was weary of them, as I am with all continuations or sequels, because I worry that the original stories will be ruined as to catch the true Austen feel and capture her iconic characters is a big ask! But, I was not disappointed and I am so glad I did read them! And I will be re-reading them shortly I am sure! They are a 'must-read' when I re-read any of the original novels!  

Grange has written 7 diaries, 6 of which I have read; (There are various covers!)

~ Mr Darcy's Diary(/Darcy's Diary)

Have you ever wondered what Darcy was really thinking throughout Pride and Prejudice, or what he thought about Miss Caroline Bingley's continuous attentions!? Or have you ever wanted to know what happens to the Darcy's, after they are married?

~ Colonel Brandon's Diary

Have you ever wanted to know the true Brandon, and what happened with his beloved Eliza? Or have you always wondered what that letter taking him immediately to London really said? Did you ever want to see more of Brandon and Marianne's courtship, and maybe even the proposal?

~ Mr Knightley's Diary

Have you ever wondered about when Knightley began to realise his feelings for Emma? Or how he began to realise? Or how about seeing the true feelings he felt whilst Frank Churchill was winning his Emma?

~ Captain Wentworth's Diary

Haven't you always wanted to see more into the past of these two lovers, and actually seen their courtship the 8 years before the novel begins? Or have you ever wondered what Wentworth really thought about the Musgroves? And who doesn't want to know what was going through Wentworth's mind while writing that famous letter?

~ Henry Tilney's Diary

Have you ever wondered what Tilney was like when he was younger, when his mother was alive? Or have you ever wanted to know more about Eleanor romance? Or seen more into the mind of the hilarious Tilney whilst he was teasing the naive Catherine?

~ Edmund Bertram's Diary

Did you ever wish that you could see more into Bertram's world, and see what he really thought of the Crawfords? Or when he finally realised who the real Mary was, and how the perfect woman was right under his nose all along? Or how about more into their eventual courtship?

~ Wickam's Diary (a novella, which I have on my shelf to read!)

"At university Darcy and Wickham grow apart. Wickham runs through the money Darcy gives him and then takes up with the scandalous Belle. After Belle and Wickham run through a small fortune gambling and cavorting, Wickham turns to Anne de Bourgh to replenish his coffers. But the lady is not at home, and Wickham follows her and her money to Bath. Once there he bumps into Belle again, who is now a companion to Georgiana Darcy. With Belle's help, Wickham sees his opening to seduce the young Miss Darcy and secure the fortune he's always dreamt of. Darcy swoops in to foil the elopement at the last minute, leaving Belle and Wickham fleeing his wrath. Penniless, Wickham is encouraged to enlist by one of his friends. The novella ends just before he meets the Bennets and just before the opening of Pride and Prejudice." (Amazon)

~ I am also looking forward to reading (also on my shelf waiting!) Dear Mr Darcy, her latest book.

"An imaginative epistolary retelling of Jane Austen's classic romance and comedy of manners Pride and Prejudice. Amanda Grange's fresh re-imagination of the world of Pemberley and Longbourn views it through the eyes of the classically compelling romantic hero: Fitzwilliam Darcy. The story unfolds in a series of revealing letters from the death of Darcy's beloved father and dealings with the scandalous Mr Wickham to his future with the spirited Elizabeth Bennet." (Amazon)

I couldn't recommend these books more and they do not ruin the originals, well they didn't for me!

Hope my little hints, ideas and questions have got you hooked, or at least interested! ;)

Has anyone read any of these already? What did you think?

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. I was freaking out when I saw your comment syaing you sent me an email because I received nothing but there it is ! The message arrived as a spam email so I couldn't see it. I answer you today :)
    I can't wait to read those books ! Why are the French translaters and the French publishers so slow ? I want them all in my library so I can read them !
    I would be very pleased if Amanda Grange writes Mr Bingley's diary and Mr Edward Ferrars' diary :)))

    1. In spam how weird! I am not spam ;) I have your reply and will get to that shortly, glad we have sorted it all out now :)

      You will love them I think! All those questions I asked are answered in the books! I would love one for Bingley and Ferrars, especially Edward Ferrars because I think there is so much that could be done with his character!

  2. I have read and own darcy's, tilney's, Brandon's and knightley's. I want to get the other two. And her wickhem one and her new one.

    1. Do you enjoy them then? ;) silly question! I cannot wait to read Dear Mr Darcy and Wickham's Diary! (and to re-read these again as well ;) )

  3. these books sound really interesting...i would really like them and will put them on my very long list of period drama movies and books :)
    thankyou for bringing me into the world of these...

    1. They are really interesting and you should add them to your reading list! :)
      I am glad I have brought them to your attention :)


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