Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beautiful Cross-Stitch Patterns

I rather enjoy embroidery and cross-stitch (and not because that is what the Austen heroines do!) and I was looking to try and find some Jane Austen related patterns to have a go at and hopefully frame for my bedroom wall. My research brought my to the website Etsy and a wonderful shop called EBStitchery, owned by the lovely Emily Bloomquist.

I saw in her shop that she had this lovely pattern...

... decorating the famous declaration of love from the besotted Mr Darcy to the rather confused and angry Elizabeth Bennet!

I bought this pattern immediately (very reasonably priced I might add - some people charge ridiculous amounts for a pattern!) and when I received the instant download to print off I was very impressed with how easy the pattern was to follow and the detail included with the instructions and colour suggestions, so I contacted the lovely Emily to see if she would be willing to design a few more patterns for me with a few of my favourite quotes...

... and she was happy to! And the result has been these beautiful 4 other designs which I cannot wait to complete, frame and hang on my wall!

This fantastic quote from Sense and Sensibility

This rather hopeful (or wistful...) design...

Ok, I know this isn't actually a direct quote from the novel but it appears in both the 2005 film and the 1995 mini-series and I think it perfectly sums up Lizzy's (as well as my own!) view on marriage.

And finally this one, which is a wonderful piece of philosophy which I try (even if it doesn't always succeed!) to live my life by.

I am very grateful to Emily for designing these for me and I urge any Janeite's looking for a cross-stitch pattern to go to this shop or, in fact, anyone who enjoys cross-stitch to have a look as there are many other beautiful designs and if you contact the lovely Emily I am sure she will be happy to design one of your very own! I was so pleased with these designs that I just had to share them!

Here is the link again, (just in case you missed it the first time!)

Thanks again Emily!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. That's quite lovely but I don't think my boyfriend would like having that kind of decoration on our wall x) I hope you will show us your wall once it is done :)

    1. Aren't they lovely? I will of course let you know how it goes :) In fact I already have something I can show you... check your email :)

  2. Oh, that's lovely! I'm not sure about the cross-stitching of "P&P" as the wall decoration, but vintage postcards would be absolutely marvelous! )))

    1. Vintage postcards! Nice idea! :)
      Thanks for the comment :)


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