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A Phantom Affair by Jo Ann Ferguson


 Pretty, wealthy Ellen Dunbar has had three Seasons in London - and still remains unwed. A stubborn Scot, she refuses to settle for anything less than her heart's desire, which makes meeting dashing Lord Corey Wolfe all the more magical. Ellen knows at first glance that he is the man of her dreams. Until an accident spirits Corey to the 'other side'....

 Now Ellen and Corey live in different worlds, and even love cannot cross the chasm to the great beyond. So Corey does the noble thing: He decides to find Ellen a living husband who can make her happy here on earth. Though the tabbies of the ton think her odd for having conversations with thin air, suitors are soon forming a line for her hand. With Corey's divine intervention, Ellen should make a wonderful match. But, heaven help her, it is the irresistible, ghostly Corey she the flesh, in her arms...and forever in her heart.”

I will be the first to admit that me and paranormal don't usually mix, in fact, I generally wouldn’t even think of reading a paranormal story, but a good friend recommended it to me and the way she described the story to me intrigued me – how could a story where the hero dies and becomes a ghost possibly have a happy ending? And so I just had to find out and I can truly say that I am so glad that I read it for I loved the paranormal aspect to the story and I just couldn’t put it down! It was brilliant - very clever, really funny and highly romantic! What more could I want?

Beginning with the hero and heroine; Lord Corey Wolfe was a very fun hero, even as a ghost.  He is such a charming, albeit teasing and slightly roguish, gentleman!  I fell completely in love with him, just like our heroine, Miss Ellen Dunbar, who was a sweet girl, but she has spirit and a lively wit, Lizzy Bennet style - a good match for our hero.
As I said, I actually loved the paranormal aspect and how Corey is a ghost and what this added to the story; the cross conversations that occur as a result were brilliantly clever and really funny! I did feel sorry for Ellen at times though, trying to hold two conversations at once, one with someone only she can see, whilst trying to make sure she doesn’t appear completely mad to the other person she is trying to converse with! Corey is very funny with all his sarcastic, and often rude, comments about the potential suitors who call on Ellen. He also ends up being a rather useful invisible chaperone, able to control, or rather deal with very amusingly, the over amorous and bold suitors vying for Ellen’s attention! He is a handy one to have around, even if Ellen doesn’t always think so!

As well as the humour which came from fact that Corey is a ghost, I loved the liberties and the relaxed nature to Ellen and Corey’s relationship.  They are very easy with each other, and very teasing and flirtatious at times, as the rules of propriety don't really seem to apply to them thanks to the peculiar situation they have found themselves in. It was very sweet!

I was wondering all the time while I was reading just how a happy ending was going to be reached – was Ellen going to die and join Corey on the other side, or was, somehow, Corey going to come back to life? I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen! And what does happen is very clever and works very well - but I shan’t ruin the ending for you!

My good friend who recommended this to me said it was romantic, but I thought, how can this be so romantic when the hero and heroine can't even touch each other?! But she was right – it was very romantic! One of the most romantic stories I have read for a while in fact. The emotion between Corey and Ellen was so strong and it was so sad to see them so in love with each when they both know it is impossible for them to be together - so romantic, and yet very sad and heart-wrenching at the same time!
As well as Corey and Ellen, there were some amusing secondary characters. Given that Corey, as well as Ellen’s good friend Marian, are trying to find her a husband, there are some very amusing, bold, over amorous, vain, arrogant and interesting suitors thrust in Ellen's way...

The writing, as well as the story, was brilliant. It flowed remarkable well, it never dragged or was boring, but it also didn’t race through the story at a rate of knots, without fleshing out the characters and the scenes.  In addition, there were never long stretches of the book when Corey and Ellen were not around, which is always a good thing.

Can you tell I just loved loved loved this story? It really surpassed my expectations! Such tension and romance, and yet humour as well.  Even if you are not normally a reader of paranormal stories, like me, I still highly recommend giving this story a chance.

I really don't know how to describe the extent of my admiration for this book, or what to say except... just read it – oh and also, please can I have a Corey Wolfe haunting me as well?

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. Oh Wow great review now I really want to read it!! As you know after your tete-a-tete with your friend I was intrigued, but after reading this my finger is hovering above the buy it now button on my kindle!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment again Tam! And seriously, as I say at the end, read it! Buy it and read it now! It was such a good read, as you can probably see! Read it and then we can discuss it! :D


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