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Miss Bohemia's New Jane Austen Collection - with purse review and a giveaway!

Today I welcome the lovely Jen of Miss Bohemia to my blog! She has a lovely shop on Etsy which I visit often! I was so lucky as to be sent a lovely purse to review, and there is a giveaway of one of these lovely purses as well (details below!). Jen is also going to tell us about her new Jane Austen collection in her shop!


First of all I would like to say thank you to Sophie for this blog feature and also for sharing some of my new Miss Bohemia jewellery and accessories with you today!  As this lovely blog relates to all things ‘Jane Austen’, the designs featured today are from my new Jane Austen range. 

I am an avid reader (of many genre’s) including literary classics and count Austen’s novels amongst my very favourites, and they are indeed the inspiration behind these latest designs.  This collection has a pretty pink theme with vintage styled damask designs, teamed up with elegant frames capturing quotes, Austen’s silhouette and much more!


The first designs featured are the new ‘pretty and practical’ Jane Austen purses.  They are currently available in pink or black and if you would like chance to win one of these purses be sure to check out Sophie’s review and the details at the end of this post.

The new range comprises of jewellery (key ring and cuff bracelet), iPad and iPhone book styled cases, cute coasters, pocket mirrors and a double-sided mug design. The quote most featured on these designs is a favourite (amongst many of my favourite Austen quotes) 'There is nothing like staying at home, for real comfort'!  Several of my other favourites including Darcy’s proposal and excerpts from Captain Wentworth’s letter can be found on other designs at www.missbohemia.com too.

Sophie has kindly agreed to review the pink version of the Jane Austen purse and host a giveaway so one of you lucky readers can own one too!  Before I go I would like to say thanks again to Sophie and also thank you readers too! I hope you enjoyed hearing about my new collection and good luck with the giveaway.

Best wishes

Jen (Miss Bohemia)


To learn more about her collection visit her various websites...

Jen is very kindly, in addition to the giveaway, adding a discount code for all my readers - just enter ‘Lizzie10’ for 10% off everything at Miss Bohemia. This code is valid until a week after the giveaway ends. 



I love this purse! The choice of quote is brilliant, and with the pattern and design it makes for a really elegant and pretty purse! The quality is top notch! It is a good purse which seems sturdy and well made, and it is a great size, with lots of pockets for the different things you need in a purse; your coins, cards, notes etc. There is a strong magnetic fastening as well which I always like to have on a purse. The pattern itself has been added to the purse extremely well and it looks like it was made that way - the texture of the pattern also feels very good, as in it doesn't feel cheap or tacky in any way. It really is a very high quality purse with a beautiful design. Perfect for any Jane Austen fan! (This purse is also available in black, as you can see in the picture above.)


 ** GIVEAWAY - ends Tuesday 21st October**

The lovely Jen has provided me a giveaway!  One lucky winner will receive one of these beautiful purses. This giveaway is open internationally. 

To enter, leave a comment with a link to your favourite design from Jen's website (here) and the winner will be picked randomly.

Please leave your email address and whether you would prefer the black or pink purse. If you are the lucky winner, I will pass on your email to Jen who will be in touch.

Thanks again to Jen for stopping by and telling us about her new collection! Good luck with the giveaway!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. Hey Soph! :D
    What fun! I am super interested in this! You know my email m'dear friend :-)
    I would LOVE the pink one!

    1. Indeed I do! Your favourite product from her website? Good luck!

    2. Oh Yes!

  2. I would love the black purse!!

  3. Wow this is so fun!! Awesome, thank you so much for this. I would love the black purse and my favourite design is http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3505854-Jane-Austen-Mug-2Sided-Design-Home-Comfort-Literary-Quote-With-Silhouette-Pretty-Pink-Damask-Design.html#.VDR2wLl0wqQ.


  4. Love her work, my favorite item is: http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3522735-Mr-Darcys-Proposal-Recycled-Tote-Bag-Pride-Prejudice-Jane-AustenYou-must-allow-me-to.html#.VDVxdlelI6A

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  5. I'd almost finished typing my comment when my iPad screen went black and all the words disappeared into cyberspace. Grrrrrr!

    It's a nice change to see a review on an Austen related item that isn't a book, Sophie. I'd love to be entered into the draw for a black purse, please. I don't do pink! There are so many lovely things on Jen's website that it's hard to choose a favourite but if I had to REALLY choose, it would be this:


    Mind you, the scarves with the Darcy or Wentworth quotes are close in the running, too.

    1. I thought it would be a lovely change and was very happy to accept when Jen suggested reviewing this on here - there are some more coming in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open! I love those scarves too! Good luck!

  6. http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_2685301-Half-Price-Special-Jane-Austen-Pride-Prejudice-Vintage-Peacock-Book-Mug-Coaster-Gift-Set.html#.VDayMd6PLIU
    I love the mug and coaster. I think the black purse would go with anything I might wear. Thank you for this review and a chance to win.

    1. Sorry I left out my email. saganchilds(a)gmail.com

  7. I love her shop!!!!!!! my favorite was the phantom of the opera mask necklace: https://www.etsy.com/listing/152457857/phantom-of-the-opera-necklace-phantom?ref=shop_home_active_1

    I would love the black one!

    1. So do I! I love that one too! Good luck!

  8. My favourite is the P&P cushion: https://www.etsy.com/listing/176472028/sale-mr-darcys-proposal-cushion-cover?ref=related-2

    I'd like a black purse.

  9. My favorite design is "I'd Rather be at Pemberly": http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_2555146-Half-Price-Offer-Pride-Prejudice-Mug-Id-Rather-Be-At-Pemberley-Mug.html

    I'd like the black purse.

    P.S. Thank you for a wonderfully fabulous blog!

    1. Good luck! and thanks for the compliment - you are welcome!

  10. I have been wanting to own a locket. I really love the Jane Austen cameo locket but too bad it is sold out. :(


    1. oh I love that as well! sold out!? oh no! :O
      Good luck! which colour purse would you like if you win?

    2. Thank you for entering the giveaway :-) I did sell out but I have a few left available and one is listed on my website and the other is in my Etsy shop :-)

  11. It's so lovely reading through everyone replies :-) Thanks again for hosting the giveaway and good luck everyone :-)

  12. Can anything be more lovely than this? The black one for the win please, thank you.

    I also like this Jane Austen Mug, it's perfect!


  13. I CRAVE this purse, especially in black! It's so beautiful!

    I also adore this wonderful item: http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3532242-Sherlock-Holmes-Sweatshirt-Eliminate-the-impossible-Quote-S-M-L-XL-White-Quote-On-Dark-Grey.html#.VDtmjPl4pcQ

    Email is alexiswins12@gmail.com :)

  14. I like the mug with a quote from Captain Wentworth's proposal: http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3490156-Jane-Austen-Mug-Persuasion-Captain-Wentworths-Letter-Half-agony-half-hope-Quote.html#.VDvkIj90zIU

    Even though I love pink, I think the purse looks much more refined in black, so black it will be. :-) skamper25 (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. I love this door mat!!! :D it's so funny and typically me!

    I think the purse is most beautiful in pink! The pink and black contrast is absolutely stunning! So pink for me please :)


  16. I like: http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3505854-Jane-Austen-Mug-2Sided-Design-Home-Comfort-Literary-Quote-With-Silhouette-Pretty-Pink-Damask-Design.html#.VEQk5fmsVS0

    :) thank you
    email: bas7e7@gmail.com
    I prefer the black purse!!

  17. http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3294395-Jane-Austen-Tshirt-Mr-Darcys-Proposal-Pride-Prejudice-Literary-Shirt-Dolman-Flowy-Tee-You-must-allow-me-to-S-M-L-XL.html#.VEQpTxa9LCR This is on my Christmas wish list. Thanks for the chance to win I would love the pink purse! My email is treefrog8733@gmail.com

  18. Oh beautiful purse , is a difficult choice but I prefer the black . thank you very much for making this wonderful spring girls, and good luck to all ... ♥

    1. Good luck! Which is your favourite design from her website?

    2. Everything is very beautiful but my favorites are, Pemberley Sweatshirt, Cameo Locket and earrings Mr Darcy's ... ♥

  19. On behalf of Edel Waugh: edelwaugh@gmail.com. My purse colour choice as pink. I had been gifted the BBC adaptions recently and I am in Austen heaven right now. 😀 the link I put was the same as your purse I believe. :)

  20. What a fun line of products. If I am the lucky winner I would choose the pink!

    1. Good luck! What was the link to your favourite product on Jen's website?

  21. http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_3498616-Jane-Austen-Pink-Damask-Literary-Purse-Wallet-Real-Comfort-Quote.html#.VESQXhbWjxQ

    I just adore the pink purse!!!

    Thank you for asking! ;)


  22. I love the pink Jane Austen purse, would be great to have it !!!

    everything is so beautiful but what I like is these 2 things:

    Mr. and Mrs. Darcy mugs.

    Pemberley sweatshit

    Good luck !!!

  23. If I win, Pink is preferrable but love both colour options :)

    email is lambaa97@hotmail.com


    <3 Amber xx
    ps. so happy to see an international comp for non-book product :D

  24. http://www.missbohemia.com/ourshop/prod_2672500-Mr-Darcy-Pride-And-Prejudice-Necklace-Jane-Austen-Recycled-Book-Jewellery.html
    Is my fave but I like all the Austen pendants! Prefer black but pink is nice too.


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