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A Regency House Party

Today I welcome the lovely Sophia and Ellen to my blog to tell us about a very special event which is happening in May!

Regency House Party

Have you ever dreamed of living a Regency fantasy? Travelling back in time to live on a country estate in 1815 with all the romance and adventure it may involve. While you are enjoying life at the mansion, just over the Channel less than 100 miles away a month later Waterloo will happen. You are living under the threat of French soldiers and pirates fighting for Napoleon landing on your beach that you can almost see from the manor.

A unique event in Regency Society is to take place this coming spring!

Not in the last decade and seldom before then have Regency Guests all lived together under the same roof for an extended period of time, as they will do at The Jane Austen Society of Europe's event, May 8 to 12th 2015.
The Regency Era is a great favourite amongst living history enthusiasts, re-enactors, bookworms and all. An age of extremes from great opulence to terrible poverty. An age of; beauty, war, scandal, political turmoil over the King and the beginning of the industrial revolution. All this brought to life for us when we learn of the superstars of the age; The Prince Regent, Wellington, Jane Austen, Napoleon, Beau Brummell, waltzing and scribing through it, leaving us with a vivid picture of how we were in Great Britain at the start of the 1800's.
Spend a week, like Elizabeth Bennet or Mr. Tilney, on the country estate of ‘Mount Amelia’. Walk in the lovely surrounding gardens, dance in the ball room, and maybe fall in love or take a visit to Kings Lynn to enjoy lunch.

The Regency House Party is to make modern ladies and gentlemen live and act for a period of four days as their counterparts did in 1815. Not only are the guests supposed to live as it is the year of 1815 but they also have to conduct themselves as to their stories, the guests will have an alternative identity during the house party.  Guests of different nationalities from the great and independent America to the old but traditional sea country of Denmark. For the first time the Danish Jane Austen Society will participate in the event.
As the head of the Danish society, and a young lady, I myself am looking forward to seeing the Norfolk County, taking long strolls in the grounds of Mount Amelia and enjoy the early spring, but I am also looking forward to dancing at the Regency ball during my stay in Kings Lynn. Mostly I am looking forward to getting to know the other guests of the house party.
Since Ellen and Chris, heads of the Jane Austen Society Europe, invited the Danish society I have been involved in the planning. Giving a helping hand with the publicity.   I hope that young people from around the world will participate in future events. I am furthermore to help and assist during the event, in Norfolk.
I will now leave you lovely readers in the capable hands of Ellen.


Thanks Sophia 

From a young age I have been enchanted by romantic novels being old enough to remember the likes of David Rintoul playing Mr Darcy! Then in 2005 watched the tv-serial about a house party in Herefordshire filmed for Channel 4 in which a whole country estate went back to live in the 1800s .
Since 2009 Christopher and I have thoroughly enjoyed organising historical re-enactments, meeting so many new friends from all walks of life and many countries. This gave us the idea of forming the Jane Austen Society of Europe to enable communication of all fans and followers of Miss Austen and her life and the times in which she lived and the society she portrayed.
 The House Party runs between May 8 to 12th 2015 in an unspoilt corner of north Norfolk where the town of Kings Lynn sits proudly guarding the estates of the north coast and the homes of many genteel and royal landowners in an area of about 75 miles.

We aim to provide and cater for differing interests whether you are a regency lady who loves needlework or an aspiring swordsman.
Part of the time will be devoted to dancing, which was the "pop" cult activity in 1815 .Every young person wanted to learn the correct way to dance - it was the only chance to meet and socialize with the opposite sex . In modern times, Regency re-enactors meet with a Costume Ball taking centre stage and on May 10th ours will take place in Kings Lynn Town Assembly Halls with a Careme Dinner. Many such balls were held 200 years ago but we believe ours to be the first there for centuries.
A recreation of the 1994 "EMMA" production's Donwell Soiree will take place on Saturday May9th when local Norfolk cuisine will be provided in a rustic 3 course Dinner.
All are welcome to attend as a resident guest or to enjoy attending any of the events whether it’s the House activities or the Costume Ball or Donwell Soiree.
We can give advice and assistance to both seasoned and new prospective attendee’s
This Regency House Party Experience will give different impressions and memories to every individual.
The organisers aim to give everyone of their guests an enjoyably special time giving perspective on the past and also the future.
  To discover more details please see

or email regencyball@yahoo.co.uk


I really wish I could attend this! Hopefully it won't be a one of thing and I can make it one year! It sounds like a lot of fun!

Your affectionate friend,
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