Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Second Stay at 4 Sydney Place

At the beginning of November I had another trip to Bath - I had a few people to meet. Once again thanks to 'Bath Boutique Stays' I was able to stay at 4 Sydney Place again (for those who maybe missed my last post it is the very house where Jane Austen lived with her family from 1801-1804.)

Once again I had a lovely time. I stayed in the second floor apartment this time, Mr Darcy's apartment. This visit felt even more special because Mr Darcy's apartment contains the room in which Jane and her sister, Cassandra, actually slept in while they were living there. So I was sleeping in the same room as Jane Austen had, 210 odd years earlier! Wow...  

The living and dining room

Mr Darcy's apartment has moved into top spot for me. Emma's is lovely, but Darcy's has just edged it! I liked the more masculine décor.

It was a bit misty though!

You don't have the garden as you do with Emma's (not that I mind at this time of year!), but being on the second floor meant there was a lovely view over Bath actually.

It was looking very autumnal as well!


I like the compact but fully equipped kitchen too - even if my father (who was staying with me) couldn't work out the touch screen hob!

The bathroom was particularly nice too, more spacious than in Emma's apartment.

 My favourite room, however, has to be the bedroom - I'll give you three guesses why!

Yes! The rather fun décor in this room; some appropriate wall art...

...and a lovely painting of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy.

There was a lovely dressing table as well, which I also discovered very prettily reflected the quote on the wall too!

While I was there I had a catch up with friends from the Jane Austen festival, and attended a Jane Austen Dancers practice session, and also saw the lovely Gabby Malcolm (check out her book - it is a great read!)

I also had a lovely breakfast at the Pump Rooms one morning. I do like it in there.

Some wonderful musicians kept me entertained as well. (I would quite like a classical trio to accompany my breakfast every morning!)

Gorgeously decorated room.

I don't even mind the famous Bath waters myself!

The Pump Rooms

During a spare moment I also popped into Bath Cathedral. It is a beautiful place. 
Stunning ceiling. 

It looked beautiful lit up in the evenings too.

There was a special display for Remembrance Day as well.

              I added my cross.

I bought my first Christmas decoration while I was there as well; Jane Austen for my fee of course!

I also finally got myself some of the Bath gin! (Love the winking Jane!)

It was another very lovely trip to Bath, and I already can't wait to return - which I am doing in December, to have a look round the famous Christmas market!

So, that is two apartments at 4 Sydney Place down, and two to go! Currently Mr Darcy's second floor apartment takes top spot! As before, the hospitality and welcome I received at 4 Sydney was just great. I really do enjoying staying there, and not just because Jane lived there - that is just an added bonus!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. Wow, getting to sleep in the same room as Jane Austen must have been incredible!! The thought gives me chills!

  2. Oooooohh I'll have to visit there when we go!

  3. The apartment looks absolutely gorgeous, Sophie. Thanks for telling us all about your visit. Just visiting Chawton gave me the shivers but staying and trying to sleep where Jane Austen actually lived and slept? Did you get any sleep? I guess a slug of that gin might help!

  4. Chawton gave me shivers too, it is a beautiful and magical place. I also love Bath and would love to stay in this apartment too, how lovely to stay in the same room where Jane lived and slept! Xx

  5. I found you via Goodreads, I think! What a lovely blog! :) I'm also a Jane fanatic and have a serious case of Anglomania! :) This trip sounds lovely! I can't wait to look around your blog a bit more. Amy

    1. Thank you so much! :) Hope you like what you find!

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