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Blog Tour: Mr Darcy's Guide to Pemberley by Julia B. Grantham - with giveaway!

I am thrilled and very excited to be sharing with you today that my wonderful friend Julia's amazing new book is now available! There is a great giveaway with the post too!  

Mr Darcy’s Guide to Pemberley – OUT NOW!

Hi, my name is Julia B. Grantham and I am delighted to be visiting Sophie’s amazing blog today to announce that the wait is over and the book is finally out!

It is rather symbolic that it is on Sophie’s blog I am making this announcement. Sophie was the first person, who I told that I was an author behind ‘Elizabeth Bennet Darcy’ Facebook page, it is to her tea party I came to Bath for the first time and discovered for myself the surreal and wonderful world of Jane Austen’s Festival and its many excellent participants – talented, kind and dedicated people. Therefore it is only fitting – that it is on Sophie’s blog I am sharing the news that my three-year journey is at its end and the book is ready! Its destiny is now in your hands. 

Watch me unpacking the parcel and seeing the finished book for the first time:

About the book:

One “had never seen a place for which nature had done more, or where natural beauty had been so little counteracted by an awkward taste.”

From its very first appearance 200 years ago on the pages of Jane Austen’s masterpiece Pride & Prejudice, Pemberley has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations and fashioned its own army of devoted followers. 

Over the years Pemberley has become synonymous with tasteful grandeur, peaceful comfort and the charm of a well-loved old English stately home. Time and time again millions of Jane Austen‘s devoted readers sigh with Elizabeth‘s feeling that “to be mistress of Pemberley might be something!”

Sumptuously presented, to make sure it does justice to the stunning place it describes, this book is the first and only of its kind. It is only available as a hardback, wrapped in a smooth dustcover with gold emboss. Inside, the book is printed on high quality silky paper with full colour paintings adorning every page. Hand-drawn maps help you to find your way around Mr Darcy’s extensive estate and perfectly imagine every detail as if you were walking the garden paths beside your generous (and handsome!) host.


- hardback, landscape, 28x21 cm.

- Dust cover with gold emboss.

- Satin paper.

- Full colour throughout.

- 108 pages, with illustrations on every page.

You can but today and still save money here:

The price goes up on 1 October! Tomorrow!

Page Reveal:

***GIVEAWAY - ends October 7th***

Today’s international giveaway is absolutely unique and cannot be replicated or purchased in any shops:

-      a large Limited Edition (1 of only 2 prints) print of an original watercolour from the book, hand-signed by me;

-      a notebook with the portrait of Mr Darcy by an amazing artist E. Tarnovski (brand new edition of the portrait);

-      a gorgeous pendant: ‘Pride and Prejudice’ book in blue, with a bookmark and a silver metal rose attached.

All you need to do to win is to comment on this blog post (include you email please so I can contact you easily if you are they lucky winner) AND like the book’s page:

My question to you today:

If you had to choose a house amongst many grand and not so grand houses described in Jane Austen’s books – what would it be? Actually, I need to change the question, I think – what would be your second choice after Pemberley? :)

Best of luck!

The book is coming to on 1 October at RRP £25 + p&p.

Buy today at   for £20 + p&p only.

This book looks and sounds amazing and I can't wait to add it to my collection! I thank Julia again for coming here to announce it is now available, and wish her all the best with this book. And good luck in the giveaway!


  1. The book sounds wonderful!

    1. Thank you! The book is sold at a discounted price today at - last day. :-)

  2. Think I shall get someone this for Christmas! It sounds lovely

    1. Great idea. :-) The book is sold at a discounted price today at - last day. :-)

  3. The book sounds wonderful. I preordered and 6am looking forward to receiving my copy. I think Netherfield would be my second choice. I love space around me. Besides, Darcy stayed there. skamper25 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. This sounds lovely. Good luck to every one.
    P.s. I've tried to log in with WordPress, but it won't let me.

  5. It won't let me coment. Whyyyyy?
    I'll try to participate again.
    The book sounds wonderful. Thanks for the chance.

  6. I have preordered my book and cannot wait to see it. Thanks for the great giveaway. That is very kind. I think I would like Northanger Abbey. Thanks -

  7. Bonjour et merci :) Le livre me semble passionnant !!! Après Pimberley ma demeure préférée est Longbourn :) Belle journée :)


  8. Wow, this is such a delightful idea for a book! It looks lovely. I honestly haven't given much thought to where I'd like to I want to re-read all of Austen's novels with this thought in mind! I think my instinctual reaction would be with the Morland family, not because their house was grand, but because there would always be something exciting going on with so many children around!

    1. Dear AnneMarie - brilliant news! You are a WINNER of this draw. Congratulations! JBG

  9. As one from across the pond...Longbourn has always appealed to me. I love the "family" atmosphere it provides and the sense of love and support. Looking forward to the book!!!

  10. I would choose Netherfield, second to Pemberley of course. It's grand but not too majestic and daunting. It's homey but not very shabby. Such a perfect home for sweet Jane and gregarious Mr. Bingly.
    My email:

  11. Wow, to choose other than Pemberley, for me is like choosing between air and water. I think it would be Hunsford This book, should I win, will be a present to someone who has an intimate knowledge of "Pride & Prejudice". It will give this person immeasurable joy. slegg43 *at sign gmail . com

  12. What an amazing giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity.

    I loved Longbourn (Luckington Court) in the 1995 miniseries. The grounds are beautiful and the house was lovely. If I was going for a bigger one, it would probably be Sudbury Hall. Kellynch Hall (2007) and Netherfield would probably come in next. Pemberley (Lyme Park) would be first choice but since it doesn't count, I will go with these others! :)

  13. Many congratulations to all!

  14. I would love Longbourn. So amazing. Congrats on the book being printed. I can not wait to receive mine and thank you for this give-away. Someone will be very lucky! kneyda at yahoo dot com.

  15. The book sounds amazing, I can't wait to receive mine. I think my second choice to Pemberley would have to be Longbourn. I have always imagined it to be a nice homely place.

  16. Cant wait to get the book!
    My choice of home would be Longbourne, there a house near me that reminds me of the 1995
    Longbourne, its my dream lottery winning house!
    Angie Hudson

  17. Dear All,
    Thank you for your kind words and fun comments.
    I am trying to reply, but my replies would not show for some reason.
    I just want to assure you that I am reading and enjoying your comments and wishing all of you good luck in the draw!
    With love,
    JBG <3

  18. I'd like to occupy either Longborn or the home Captain Wentworth bought for Anne. I love that he's making a home for them.

  19. Definitely the home Wentworth bought for Anne. Anne is one of my favorite heroines and To walk the halls she would come to adore...
    Lynn Bango

  20. It would have to be Longbourne, there must be a lot of love in that place. Amongst the sillyness and matchmaking pressure I think there is a lot of family happiness.

  21. This book sounds so wonderful! I can't wait to read it! Thanks for the giveaway!
    zinger393 (At) gmail (dot) com

  22. Yippee -- I can't wait for my copy to arrive!

    Northanger Abbey, of course -- with all its many secrets ... teaguide dot net at gmail dot com

  23. Can't wait to read this because it does sound like a great read! Keep writing so we can all keep reading as that is my past time. Thank you for the chance to enter this great giveaway. Good luck and best wishes!

  24. Perhaps I would choose Mansfield Park

  25. For me it has to be Delaford with Colonel Brandon of course! Can't wait to see my copy!!

  26. I would pick the Gardiner's home in Cheapside. A home!

  27. How about Hartfield? I would dearly wish to spend time with Emma and hear the latest gossip in Highbury.


  28. Congratulations on the new book - it sounds fantastic!
    I would pick Donwell Abbey, which sounds as lovely as its owner, Mr Knightley!

  29. I am so excited to receive my copy. I know it is on the way. It looks so sumptious and I will browsing it and reading it for ages. My choice of home would be Longbourn. It seems nice and cosy. Thanks for a chance to win your generous prize x Congratulations!

  30. I ordered my copy of your book this evening, and cannot wait to have it in my hands.
    Now, I think I would like to evict Fanny Dashwood from Norland, move in, and offer her a loaf of bread and £10 as a gesture of my charity.


  31. The book looks amazing!! I think the second house I would be interested in living in is northanger abbey.

  32. Thank you all SO MUCH for participating in this giveaway. I loved reading your comments. Longbourn is a clear winner for a place to live (after Pemberley). :-)
    And a winner of our GIVEAWAY is AnneMarie!
    I used a random number generator - and she'd won.
    Love to you all, JBG

  33. Mr Darcy's Guide to Pemberley is now available on

    Please spread the word, should your friends be interested.
    Love, JBG


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