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Blog Tour: A Most Handsome Gentleman by Suzan Lauder - with giveaway!

I am thrilled today to be part of the blog tour for Suzan Lauder's new release, A Most Handsome Gentleman My thanks also goes to Janet Taylor for inviting me to take part.

"Elizabeth Bennet’s life is uncomplicated until she meets a quartet of new men: the haughty but handsome Mr. Darcy, the pert-with-a-pout Mr. Bingley, the confident and captivating Mr. Wickham—and then there is her father’s cousin, the happy man towards whom almost every female eye has turned.

Mr. Collins is HOT—well, incredibly handsome in Regency-speak—beautiful of face, fine of figure, elegant of air, his perfect clothing and hair matching his Greek god-like form. Unfortunately, when he opens his mouth, Elizabeth wishes he were mute. With affected servility and prideful self-conceit, he capitalizes upon his exquisite appearance and fixes on Jane Bennet as his bride.

Can Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy form an alliance to stop Jane’s suitors from issuing challenges—and will Elizabeth coax a smile from Mr. Darcy?

Bestselling Regency romance author Suzan Lauder delivers a hilarious Austenesque romance suitable for all readers of Pride and Prejudice."

It is with great enjoyment that I join Sophie today to share the second half of the vignette that was specially written for this blog tour. This new vignette is un-betad and not edited, so there will likely be a few extra commas! This scene shows the interview of #HOTCollins for the living at Hunsford. Thanks for hosting it, Sophie!
As a treat for the post, we’re wearing our Hallowe’en masks today! Special thanks to Janet Taylor, blog tour organizer and graphic artist, for putting gorgeous masks on Lady Catherine and Anne.

I am joining in with the masked look too! This was my first masked ball just a month or so ago during the Jane Austen festival. (Copyright: Owen Benson)

A New Rector for Hunsford Part Two
Note: To read Part One, refer to Austenesque Reviews

Mr. Collins was accustomed to ladies pausing when they met him and clever enough to know why—he had been told a number of times that he was so amazingly handsome, he rendered others speechless. He was bound and determined to impress these ladies and thus gain the coveted position of curate at the well-appointed parish of Hunsford. He prepared himself by running his hand forward over his perfectly mussed curly locks whilst the butler announced him in what seemed to be a deeper than normal voice for any man, let alone one so small and wizened in appearance.

Two ladies were in the room and, sure enough, the instant they set eyes upon him, their jaws dropped. He made his obeisance to the elder of the two, who must be Lady Catherine de Bourgh.The great lady’s eyes threatened to pop out of her head, they were so wide open in shock. To save her from embarrassment over her undignified facial expression, Mr. Collins quickly averted his gaze. He then perused the face of the lady who must be her daughter and the heiress to Rosings, Miss Anne de Bourgh.
The daughter fared no better upon gazing upon his exceptional countenance and form as she appeared almost as if she might faint. At first, she trembled and sucked a hard breath into her little chest through her wide open mouth, but when he made a perfectly practiced bow in front of this little woman, she giggled and fluttered her lashes at him. She was so swathed in Kashmir shawls that he had a hard time making out if she was plump or thin, but she was so small, she must be barely out of the schoolroom. But she was his future patroness’s daughter, and he would pay her respects as she was owed, so he bowed and scraped some more at her flirtatious reaction.

He cleared his throat to prepare to speak, but all that accomplished was Lady Catherine, a large woman who at one time would probably have been called handsome, glancing at her daughter as if to admonish. But this lasted only for a second, and then she was staring at him again, agog.
Mr. Collins dared not wait for introductions whilst both were so overwhelmed they could not remember their names. In truth, he had nothing to lose by launching into his speech. After all, he had their undivided attention and could only hope that his words would reach beyond their ears and into their understanding so they might be as impressed with him as a cleric as they were of his fine face and figure—because he was well aware that he had the finest face and figure they had ever encountered in their lives.
“Lady Catherine, Miss DeBourgh. I assure you in the most of unadulterated of opinions that I am overwhelmed by my esteem for your venerable positions as I offer myself in the most charitableof traditions to serve as rector of Hunsford parish. Indeed, it is only due to my intellect and the strength of my admiration in anticipation of your affability towards me that gives me confidence to lay my services at your trusted and lovely feet. Please allow me to share my God-given talents with the parishioners, so that I may honour the position with the exceptional observances of those rites and ceremonies so appreciated by those who are fortunate enough to be in the way of my great sympathetic existence. In return, I flatter myself to say that I can promise—”
“You are very handsome for a clergyman,” said Lady Catherine.
He was unprepared for such frankness, so he paused, gathering his wits about him. He then brushed his hands over his slim hips and responded, “Indeed. It is one of my many important capabilities.”
Both ladies raked their eyes over his figure as he had anticipated. He took this opportunity to speak more about himself.
“Many important ecclesiastical quotations can be found related to the value of a fine appearance, and nothing suits a clergyman better than his own comforting appearance in front of those he shepherds. In truth, combined with my exceptional speaking ability, you will find that the position of cleric was made for a man such as me. Not just any handsome man, but the handsomest of all men. Many have said so.”
The ladies mumbled their approval as expected. Miss de Bourgh once again fluttered her lashes as she said, “You may count on my approval, Mr. Collins.”
Lady Catherine nodded. “You need not work harder to convince me. The position is yours. Now, I will call for refreshment to celebrate whilst you answer a few questions.”
Yes, his confidence had not been misplaced, and he said as much to his new patroness and her daughter. He had known that from the moment he had laid eyes upon them that they were exactly the sort of condescending members of the church who would find he must suit them very well. His exalted patroness’s questions and directions were indeed so well appreciated that he rushed off as soon as he was allowed so he could prepare sermons as per the fine lady’s useful direction. He could hardly wait for her to inspect the parsonage and offer design advice.
I suppose every fine lady of the manor who likes to make herself useful would hope to find a handsome man to carry out her officious orders! What do you think?

Author Bio:
A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, cycling, yoga, blogging, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder is seldom idle.

Her first effort at a comedy, A Most Handsome Gentleman is the fourth time Lauder has been published by Meryton Press. Her earlier works include a mature Regency romance with a mystery twist, Alias Thomas Bennet, a modern short romance Delivery Boy in the holiday anthology Then Comes Winter, and the dramatic tension filled Regency romance Letter from Ramsgate.

She and Mr. Suze split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a
150-year-old Spanish colonial home near the sea in Mexico.

Suzan’s lively prose is also available to her readers on her blog, road trips with the redhead www.suzan.lauder.merytonpress.com, on her Facebook author page https://www.facebook.com/SuzanLauder, and on Twitter @suzanlauder.

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My thanks again goes to Suzan for this great extract! My thanks also to Janet for setting up this tour.

I wish Suzan all the best with this release as well as any stories in the future!


  1. So glad to read the conclusion of the excerpt that I read previously. Loved that although Mr. Collins might look different, he sounds just the same. Thanks for sharing!

    1. He is just as self-important and kowtowing as in canon, but more vain because, well, he knows he's hot! You're very welcome. Happy Halloween!

  2. But as he is not intelligent, the effects of his looks must surely soon wear off

    1. His looks are so astonishing, it's hard to think beyond how handsome he is, as Anne and Lady C can attest. Familiarity doesn't change it much. Happy Halloween!

  3. A handsome Mr. Collins sounds like a hoot :D

  4. Wonderful conclusion! Thanks Suzan and Laughing with Lizzie!

  5. Good ending to a fun vignette! The beginning was great and the ending didn't disappoint. Thanks, Suzan.

    Thank you for hosting, Sophie.

    Forget to mention, I love both your masks, ladies!

    1. It's fun attending a Regency masquerade, and Sophie and I both had the opportunity.

  6. Love the vignette and the masks are wonderful!

  7. LOL, great masks. I love the pictures you add to your stories Suzan. Congratulations.

    1. I discovered that when I read blog posts, I like photos in them. So I do a search for non-copyright photos to use. I've had some excellent luck, as you can see, plus the bonus of Janet's masks for this one. Thanks, Kate!

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