Saturday, May 19, 2012

Letter to Lady Catherine

Hello dear friends, this is a letter I wrote whilst studying Pride and Prejudice at school.
It is a letter from Mr Collins to Lady Catherine de Bourgh after Lizzie has refused him but luckily he found Charlotte! 


My most esteemed patron,
I am writing you this letter with grievous but also happy tidings.  As you well know, my latest visit to Longbourne, following your gracious condescension, was with the object of selecting a wife.   
In the pursuit of such a one,   I first directed my attentions to the eldest Miss. Bennet but I quickly turned towards the next Bennet daughter, a Miss Elizabeth Bennet, as Mrs. Bennet discreetly informed me that the eldest Miss. Bennet was soon to be engaged.
Having altered the directions of my particular attentions, it was soon easy to comprehend the nature of my affections and the consequences of the former.  I was very careful in complimenting my cousin Elizabeth to the best of my abilities, which I flatter myself at being very skilled in the matter of offering delicate compliments which are always acceptable to the ladies.  After many days, during which my object could not have been difficult to recognise, I believed that she was the right lady to be my wife.  I believed her to be gentle for my sake and not above her company for your sake.  In order that I could return to Hunsford with the oncoming prospect of a marriage, I asked Miss. Elizabeth to be my wife.   I have the unfortunate news to impart on your ladyship that Miss. Elizabeth, even though the circumstances facing the Bennets upon their father’s death are extremely unfortunate and the highly advantageous connections that would be made from such a match would not consent to be my wife.
As unfortunate as this event was, I am now exceedingly pleased that such a connection will not take place as after this event, it came to light that my first judgement as to the character of Miss. Elizabeth were incorrect.   She was not such a gentle woman as I had first thought and she was rather more foolish and head-strong.  This incident is of no consequence however, as I am delighted to inform your ladyship that upon my return I will have an upcoming marriage. 
After the aforementioned occurrence, I happened across a woman who was suited to be my wife even more than my cousin.  She is a Miss. Charlotte Lucas as she is a very good sort of woman with a very respectable family.  I believe she will be very pleasing to you as she is a woman who will be useful to myself as a wife and she does not think herself to high for your benefit.  Miss. Lucas was very keen to agree to be my wife and I am sure that when she I brought to you to you for your approval, she will not fail to be acceptable. 
I will soon be returning to Hunsford and I hope that this connection will be pleasing to you as much as it is to me.  It seems as if Charlotte and I were made for each other and I am at the present time, the happiest of men.
Your humble servant,
William Collins.

Your affectionate friend,

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  1. Third time reading this letter and I'm still laughing out loud!
    Your affectionate sister,


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