Monday, May 28, 2012

The Result of a Boring Afternoon...

Hello my dear friends!

Well, it was a pretty boring afternoon. So, while I was sun bathing - correction - sun burning, I made these images :)

I hope they are as enjoyable to you as they were to me when I made them :D

These are also hints at blogs which I hope to do in the future ;)

...because we all want to find ourselves an Austen hero, and I never get tired of looking at them!

...because I am full of admiration for the heroines and without them, there would be no story!

...because they all lived happily ever after! *sigh* 

...because you need someone to love to hate, and to make the hero fight for his woman! (Literally in the case of Brandon and Willoughby!)

...because you need someone to tax (or vex!) the heroines!

...because we all need a mama and papa - however embarrassing they may turn out to be!

...because the locations are beautiful, stunning and make me very jealous!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. What do you use to make these?

    1. I have an app on my iPod touch called Photo mess :)
      Do you like them?

  2. Yes, what did you use to make these?!? (:

  3. These are very lovely! What delightful good fun! :)

    1. Oh I thank you!! I am excessively glad that you enjoyed them!

  4. How Fun! Great work :D


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