Saturday, June 09, 2012

How to become an Austen Heroine

Well, my amazing friend Alice sent me these wonderful tips for how to become an Austen heroine!
I don't take credit for these, Alice found them on another blog, who found them somewhere else!

1. Break into song at random moments and wait for a chap "to finish your duet."
2. Conduct yourself like a heroine. This doesn't mean flirtation. This means modestly, wisdom, expertise. (Don't be like Lydia Bennet... )

3. Speak in a British accent. In public. Gwyneth Paltrow managed it! (I've got this one covered!)


4. Read. A lot. A whole lot.

5. And imitate the girls you read about. You'll be hard pressed to find better role-models!

6. Let the men be the heroes. Let them give you their spot in line, open doors for you, carry things for you. Let them treat you as us girls should be treated!


7. Walk in the rain as often as possible!

8. Keep an eye out for adventure and respond accordingly, and not like Catherine Morland!

9. Faint now and then...

10. Wear flowers in your hair.
                                            11. Learn archery.

12. Learn an accomplishment such as singing, drawing, playing, falling down hills right as a hero comes along, but avoid matchmaking!

13. Leave notes everywhere you go!
                  14. Practice making witty comebacks!
15. Keep in mind the story you're a part of - your story!
Your affectionate friend,
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  1. Lizzie-
    These are delightful! Thank you for posting this "walk in the rain as much as possible!" Will you promise a dashing young man will come sweep me off my feet if I happen to twist an ankle?

    Your affectionate sister,

    1. haha thank you! glad you enjoyed it! that was my fav, along with faint now and then.
      i will try, maybe you will meet a Willoughby when you fall and hurt your ankle, but a Brandon will catch you when you faint ;)

  2. How fun! Thanks to Mrs. Darcy and Alice for the delightful post! :)

    1. Your welcome!! and i am glad you enjoyed :)

  3. Haha! Interesting!! 9,10,12 are gonna be difficult for me though!! Need A lot of practice on fainting!!

    1. its fine! ;) just fall and then hopefully someone will catch you ;)

  4. I like "use a British accent in public", "read a lot", and "LET THE MEN BE THE HEROES!!!" PLEASE!! Lol and the whole, not flirtation, ect. thing. :)
    so glad you posted these Mrs. Darcy, love. ;)

    1. good good! thank you for passing them to me in the first place! im glad i have got english accent covered! ;)

  5. These are so funny!! ( I love your blog by the way!!) Thanks for posting! May I post these on my blog? I will give you credit.

    1. Thank you, and thank you! You can indeed post them, and it would be nice to link it back to me as where you found them but I cannot take credit for them, as I said at the beginning - 'I don't take credit for these, Alice found them on another blog, who found them somewhere else!' I don't know where they come from originally! I added my own images her. another post you might like...


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