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Blog Tour: The Darcy Brothers - An interview with Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy!

Today I am part of the blog tour for the new release, The Darcy Brothers, written by Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks and Abigail Reynolds.

"Theo Darcy is everything his disapproving elder brother, Fitzwilliam, is not – easy-going, charming, and full of fun. A tragic event as children severed their bond of friendship, but now they are together again. They are still at odds, though, this time over the love of Miss Elizabeth Bennet and the truth about George Wickham. Will Wickham manage to divide the brothers again? And more importantly, which Mr. Darcy will Elizabeth choose? 

 Find out as the two brothers lock horns in this unique Pride & Prejudice variation collectively written by five respected authors.

 The Darcy Brothers was first conceived as an interactive group writing project and has developed into a full-length novel featuring the charismatic Theo Darcy."

I have the very great honour of welcome Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy to my blog today, who has been kind enough to answer a few questions about him and his brother, Theo.

Welcome Mr Darcy! I am very glad that you were able to pop by and agree to answer a few questions for me! 

1. So, to begin, have you and Theo always been at odds? 

Not at all. As children, we were best of friends, until I outgrew childish pranks.

2. Do you see your tastes as being in every way different from Theo's? 

Well, Theo has excellent taste in brandy and fine wine, and I would like to think I share that. (laughs) We like many of the same things. It is more an issue of our attitudes toward life and sense of responsibility. It would be enjoyable to do nothing but what one pleases, but the world would not be a pleasant place if no one attended to their responsibilities.

Very profound Mr Darcy, and very true.

3. Tell me something positive about your brother. I know there must be something! 

(Long pause)  Theo has an admirable sympathy for anyone less fortunate than himself who has been wronged. Perhaps it makes him feel heroic. But I have seen him take the part of a servant against the master if he feels the servant has been wronged.
That is certainly an admirable trait.

4. Do you ever wish you were not the eldest son?

What would be the point of wishing that? I would still be the eldest son. I admit there were times when I wish I could be as frivolous as Theo – for a short time only, I might add. But my temperament is well suited to my responsibilities. It would be a disaster if Theo were the eldest son.

5. When Theo was born, how did you feel about having a younger brother?

I was thrilled by the thought of a new playmate. I understand I sulked for quite some time when I learned it would be years before he could play at toy soldiers with me.

I can imagine that must have been a test of your patience, especially at that young age!

6. Are you jealous of Theo in any way?  

I envy his easy way with strangers, and how quickly he wins their liking.
7. Why do you seem to struggle with your brother's ease and charm, and yet you don't seem to mind it in your good friend, Mr Bingley?  

It is not Theo’s ease and charm I object to, but his failure to apply himself to anything but his pleasures. Bingley is well aware that I do not approve of his impulsive behaviour, which reminds me of Theo.

8. What sort of woman would you like to see Theo marry? 

An heiress who can support him in the style he enjoys. (Laughs) I suppose I would like to see him marry a strong-minded, serious woman who might be able to make something of him. I see you have made quite a success of your internet journal at a very young age – perhaps you would be willing to take on my undeserving brother?

Now that is a very interesting proposition! I thank you for your kind words about my success. Perhaps I could try and take Theo in hand for you! 

9. Who do you think Elizabeth Bennet likes best, you or Theo? 

My dear Miss Sophie, everyone likes Theo best, and I assume Miss Elizabeth is among the majority. I could wish for her to be more discerning.

And finally, use one word to describe the following:

Georgiana - quiet

Theo - wastrel

Colonel Fitzwilliam - adaptable

Mr Bingley - loyal

Miss Caroline Bingley - derogatory (Let us hope she doesn't read this, for I don't think she would thank you for such a description!)

Lady Catherine – permit me to skip this one, I beg you! (I thought you might say that!)

Anne de Bourgh - tired

Miss Elizabeth Bennet - bewitching (It is all in the eyes...)

Miss Jane Bennet - smiling

Mrs Bennet – ill bred

Mr Bennet -  droll

Thank you again for stopping by Mr Darcy!

It has been my very great pleasure.


Abigail Reynolds
Cassandra Grafton

In addition to their collaborative effort in The Darcy Brothers, Monica Fairview, Maria Grace, Cassandra Grafton, Susan Mason-Milks and Abigail Reynolds between them have published over two dozen Austen-inspired books, including national bestsellers.
Monica Fairview

Monica Fairview (Mr. Darcy’s Pledge) holds down the fort for the team in London while Abigail Reynolds (Alone with Mr. Darcy) supplies cute cat pictures from Cape Cod, Susan Mason-Milks (Mr. Darcy’s Proposal) inspires with views of the Seattle skyline, Maria Grace (Remember the Past) frolics in the Texas bluebells, and British expat Cassandra Grafton (A Fair Prospect) has the critical responsibility of keeping the team supplied with much-needed chocolate from her home in Switzerland.

Susan Mason-Milks

Look for them at the Jane Austen Variations group blog ( where they are all founding members. 




Prize: Two eBook copies of The Darcy Brothers.

To enter the giveaway contest, simply leave a comment or ask Theo or the authors a question.
You can increase your chances of winning by visiting the multiple stops along the tour! Unique guest posts will be featured on a variety of subjects, along with fun interviews with Theo Darcy and, if he can be persuaded, his brother, excerpts, and supplementary material such as letters from Theo to his friends and family.


The Darcy Brothers


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Good luck to all the authors with the release of this new story! I will be reviewing it in the near future so watch for my review!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. I would disagree with Darcy's view of Theo as a wastrel

    meikleblog at gmail dot com

  2. Mr. Darcy says he is all gratitude for his invitation here, and if you have any influence with Miss Elizabeth Bennet, he would greatly appreciate any kind words you may have about him to be spoken in her hearing!

    1. I do indeed have some influence, so I shall do my best!

  3. Best Wishes! Can't wait to read the whole story! Jen Red

  4. Thank you for allowing Mr. Darcy to have his say. It is clear from his comments that Theo is a source of tremendous frustration to him, yet he loves him.

    I do have two questions for Mr. Darcy, if I may? Have you ever lost your temper with Theo and felt that you could not be able to recover your equanimity? And, what do you consider your greatest flaw?

    Note to hostess: Please do not enter me in the drawing as I already have this book. Thank you for your graciousness.

    1. I apologize. I left this site and couldn't get it out of my mind so had to quickly return. Apparently I have two more questions.

      1) How would you describe yourself using just one word?
      2)What word do you believe that your brother and Elizabeth Bennet would chose to best describe you?

    2. You have many questions to ask many people it seems Joy!

  5. It was nice hearing Mr. F. Darcy's opinion of his brother. I hope they can become good friends again. I do disagree with Mr. Darcy (the younger) being called a wastrel. That is a bit strong. As I already have the ebook, please do not enter me in the give away.

  6. Enjoyed the interview with Mr. F. Darcy. I would love to read the book to see if I agree with his opinions concerning his younger brother.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy!

  7. Loved the interview with the older brother about the younger! So much food for thought there.

    *please do not enter me in giveaway, Sophie*

  8. Thanks for hosting the blog tour for The Darcy Brothers. That was a fun interview.

  9. I must say I have to agree with Ms. Meikle in disagreeing with Mr. Darcy's opinion of his brother as a wastrel, though it pains me to do so.

    Mr. Darcy, I think your brother delights in doing what we call in this century, "winding you up", otherwise expressed as giving the wrong impression for the fun of annoying you. It's a reprehensible habit that he's developed and if you refuse to rise to the bait, learn to relax more around him and possibly give a little more credence to his opinion occasionally, he may show that he is, after all, a more responsible person than you think.


    1. It does seem mean doesn't it?

      And that is very sound advice. I can sympathise with you Mr Darcy, for I am similarly easily wound up...

  10. Ummm In Darcy's defense regarding Theo being an wastrel. If Darcy had used more words, it may be discerned that he means Theo wastes opportunities to make something of himself. Darcy would consider that a worse characteristic than gambling, drinking, etc. Of course Theo could be better than perceived by his older, staid brother - maybe if they spend more time together....

  11. I truly enjoyed your interview Mr. Darcy. Were I closely acquainted with Miss Elizabeth Bennet I would advise her to take the time to get to know you better. All things worth having take time and effort, advice you might follow toward Theo.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. And that is very good advice.

  12. I hope Mr Darcy was joking when he describe Theo as a wastrel. Anyway I love getting an insight into Mr Darcy's thinking of Theo. Thanks for sharing this wonderful interview.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. I have been following this virtual book tour on each stop and have enjoyed learning so much more about the subjects of the book than I would get from the book alone. I especially appreciate hearing from the reclusive Mr. F. Darcy in a setting where he could feel so free to talk. From his answers and his brother's, it is so obvious that they both love each other but have been hurt/disappointed by each other so they have built up some defenses. I am sure Miss Elizabeth's engaging and caring personality can help the brothers work through their issues.

    Tobinlf at hotmail dot com

    1. I am glad you have been enjoying it :) Yes it was nice to hear from Mr. F Darcy himself wasn't it! Yes Miss Elizabeth will sort them out!

  14. Love the interview with Mr. Darcy. Hope he and Theo will do a joint interview on the tour!

  15. Loved the interview with Mr. Darcy. Good questions. Don't enter me in the giveaway as I already have the book!

  16. Loved the interview with Mr. Darcy. Good questions. Don't enter me in the giveaway as I already have the book!

  17. *Sighs* Mr Darcy, you're my hero! :) Loved this interview, ladies!


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