Friday, January 18, 2013

Falling For Mr Darcy by KaraLynne Mackrory

I had to stay up last night (until one in the morning!) to finish this book! I absolutely loved it! I have always been nervous about reading a sequel or 'what if' story to my favourite novel Pride and Prejudice, but I am so glad that I did!

"In this Regency adaptation of Jane Austen's beloved Pride and Prejudice, the simple truth is proven that sometimes a gentleman never knows his heart until a lady comes along to introduce it to him. When Mr. Darcy encounters Elizabeth Bennet injured after a fall, his concern for her welfare cracks the shell of his carefully guarded heart and a charming man emerges. Elizabeth sees an appealing side of him she never believed possible from the stoic, proud master of Pemberley. They find the simple gentlemanly act of assisting her home will best both Mr. Darcy's resolve to keep his heart safe and Elizabeth's conviction that this is the last man on earth she might have ever been prevailed upon to marry. Soon, falling for Mr. Darcy becomes a real possibility."

The story was amazing! It was so clever how it all linked in in different ways to the original story! I kept thinking 'Oh this is like what happened to Jane, but it's happening to Lizzy!' This is going to be hard to not give anything away, well, not to give too much away, so I guess I should say possible accidental spoilers alert... ;)

The way the different and classic quotes from the novel, film and series were incorporated was very clever! Seeing the use of 'she is tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt me' in a completely different sense was great!
A few of my other favourites... the quote 'one of the most handsomest woman of my acquaintance', appeared in a different scene and in the presence of different people (well, person!) 
Another was around the classic proposal 'I love you most ardently' - there was a proposal half way through the book, but who proposes to who may be different ;)  
Another very clever scene, and one of my favourites was when the iconic verbal sword fight between Lady Catherine and Lizzy was instead between Lady Catherine and Darcy! That was fun to read!

One of my favourite little themes throughout links to the front cover. I was intrigued by the cover and wondered why there was a pocket watch with a flower in it... and this gets explained and is one of my favourite little themes (and is the subject of one of my favourite scenes!) All I will say is yes, the flower is Lizzy's and yes, the watch is Darcy's - more than that I won't say!

My favourite relationship which we got to see more of was between Darcy and his Cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. From a few moments in the original we see the playful nature between the two, and this is taken and their almost brotherly relationship is shown even more with their funny banter and conversations! 

Another relationship I enjoyed seeing more of was Mr Bennet and his favourite Lizzy. You really saw the caring side to Mr Bennet and the strong bond that exists between the two. There were also some wonderful scenes between Mr Bennet and Mr Darcy. How their relationship developed throughout the novel was really sweet!

And another sweet relationship was between Darcy and Georgiana. It was nice to see more of their relationship - how Georgiana begins to grow in confidence and begins to tease her brother. Also to see how well Lizzy and Georgiana got on together, and how it pleased Darcy!

There were some interesting roads which different characters went down instead of the original story we know. My favourites of those would be Mary's fate - I always thought Mary's story could have gone another way... and also Wickham - he got what he really deserved, more than just a marriage to the insufferable Lydia (but I will say no more)!

But, my favourite thing of all had to be Darcy! It was great to see the charming, playful and caring side to him so much quicker than you do in the original novel. The conversations between Darcy and Lizzy were great to read - so funny and playful, and quite flirtatious at times! It made me smile every time they were with each other!
The very first scene where Lizzy falls is one of my favourite scenes. (And I do realise how many times I have said 'favourite scene' ;)) Reading the first few playful comments from Darcy is so... different, but good different. And to see how Lizzy's opinion of him begins to change during this scene with all Darcy's very gentlemanly actions!

I really have fallen for Mr Darcy all over again!

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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Heroine Poll Winner!

And so the heroine poll has come to a close, and the winner is....

the witty, high-spirited Elizabeth Bennet! 

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