Thursday, January 14, 2016

You are Finally Really Laughing With Lizzie! Today I turned 20! - GIVEAWAY!

Hello my dear friends and loyal readers,

Today I am thrilled to announce that "I am not one and twenty" - finally I am 20 years of age! Lizzy Bennet's age! I am now able to say you are actually Laughing With Lizzie - or as close to actually being Lizzy Bennet as I am going to get! (I have been in training, it seems - see photos below to understand that statement!) *UPDATE: now I am running a giveaway too! Details below :)* 

I am sorry I have been quiet over the winter - I haven't been particularly well! As a result I didn't have time to do a summary of 2015! So, instead, I will do you a 'what to look forward to in 2016 - my 'Lizzy' year!'

Some of my friends who will be attending!
Well, in February I am very much looking forward to a Regency House Party which I and a group of friends have organised! Check out where we are staying: it is an amazing place! It is going to be a week full of amateur dramatics, card games, musical evenings, and even a ball - I can't wait!

Disney Darcy?

I have a few other balls I am looking at, but there isn't much on in the winter Regency wise! I am having a very un-Jane Austen-y trip to Disneyland - grown up, I know, but my sister and I have been meaning to go for years, and we finally are!

Perhaps this is the Disney version of Mr Darcy? I'll be on the look out!  

Last June at Jane's house!
Then I have my accommodation booked for the Jane Austen Regency Week in Chawton. We are actually staying in a house Jane Austen knew well, and visited often! (Read about it here!) - it was the house which belonged to Jane Austen's niece, and she mentions Wyards in many of her letters! I still need to book my tickets actually... What do you think can't be missed from this schedule?

A picnic outside the Royal Crescent last September!

My next major event is, of course, September! Accommodation is booked for that too! (This lovely place!) I can't wait for this - it was such good fun last year!

Dancing at last September's ball!

I will have a few family holidays in between these Austen events, and of course I am going to find any Austen connection I can wherever I go! I am also on the look out for any other events, particularly balls, which I can attend - I have rather taken a fancy to attending balls!

Now, back to celebrating that I am 20! Lizzy Bennet! *singing* Happy birthday to me!* To explain my earlier comment, out of interest more than anything (as I have been told a few times I look a bit like Jennifer Ehle), I decided to try and find photos of myself which match those of Jennifer Ehle and Keira Knightley. I thought it was going to be really hard, but it was easy!

Some of the photo matches I found were scarily similar, in fact! It is like I have been in training to be Lizzy Bennet, or I have been absorbing and imitating their facial expressions and mannerisms without realising it!  Take a look for yourself!

*DISCLAIMER: I took none of these photos especially or on purpose so that I matched the photos of Ehle/Knightley - honest!*



Who do you think I look most like? (or neither of them!) Any favourite comparisons? 

UPDATE: I am feeling generous! Answer the above questions to be entered into a giveaway for a special prize which money can't buy! (Handmade by yours truly - and personalised too!) Open internationally! Leave your email address, so I can contact the winner for a postal address! 

Bring on 2016! Keep laughing!

Your affectionate friend,
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