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Blog Tour: Missing Jane by Bronwen Chisholm

Hello Readers! I am so happy to be with you today at Laughing With Lizzie. My latest novella, Missing Jane, is now out and I wanted to stop by and share a deleted scene with you. Before we begin, here is a bit about the book.

And the eldest Miss Bennet? No one really knows.
Poor Mr. Bingley is led to believe she is no more, but her sister swears she is alive.
Can Mr. Darcy and his friend find her and, in turn, their own happily ever afters?

When I began writing this story, it started out from Elizabeth’s point of view. I reworked the first chapter several times before I realized that it just wasn’t needed and decided Darcy and Jane would tell the story instead. Though the blurb lets you know Mr. Bennet has passed, I decided not to show it in the book. Here is how it happened originally.(Since it was deleted, it was not edited; so please forgive my errors.)

When Jane and Elizabeth arrived at Longbourn, the household was deathly quiet. Their housekeeper, Mrs. Hill, explained that Mr. Bennet had ridden out to inspect a bridge. When he did not return before a storm, all became worried. After the storm passed, some farm hands rode out and found him in the water downstream from the bridge. He was very bruised, beaten by the rocks and debris, and had taken a fever. The apothecary tended him, but he was not improving. Mrs. Bennet had taken to her bed, knowing this would be the end of them. Though Mrs. Hill initially wished to notify the two eldest daughters, their mother refused to allow it; stating they were better off in London where they may still catch a husband. It was only at Mr. Bennet’s request that an express was dispatched.
Jane and Elizabeth went straight to their father’s bedside. His breathing was shallow as Elizabeth took his hand. “Papa, it’s me, Lizzy.”
His eyes fluttered open and he smiled weakly. “Lizzy, I knew you would come.” He closed his eyes again.
“Jane is here also, Papa. We will care for you. You will recover.”
Mr. Bennet’s smile returned as his hand fell upon Jane’s. “My girls,” he whispered.
They sat by his side, taking turns wiping his brow with a cool rag, until they became aware of their mother’s weeping in the next room. Jane patted Elizabeth’s shoulder, “I will go to her.” She slipped quietly out of the room.
As the door closed, Mr. Bennet opened his eyes again, looking at his favorite daughter. “I am not long for this world, Lizzy.”
“Hush, Papa, I am here. You will be well.”
He shook his head slightly. “Do not argue with me now, Lizzy. I have much I must tell you.”
He took a deep breath which rattled the phlegm in his throat and caused him to be racked by coughs insufficient to release the cause. Elizabeth helped him to sit up enough to take a drink of water when the spell had passed.
“It will not be easy when my cousin takes over Longbourn,” he said when he was finally able. “You must find your way. If your uncles are unable to take in all of you, contact my mother’s family. You will find names and directions in the desk in my study. Be sure to remove your things from there before Mr. Collins arrives.” He reached up to take her hand which bathed his brow. “Forgive me for not preparing better for you and your sisters. I always believed there would be time.”
“Shh, Papa, there is nothing to forgive. Please, you must focus your strength on improving.” Elizabeth fought the tears that filled her eyes.
Mr. Bennet nodded slowly as his eyes closed again. Elizabeth watched over him as his breathing became more labored. Just before dawn, he took a last shuddering breath and passed away. Elizabeth laid her head on his shoulder and cried. When her tears subsided, she called for Hill and they began spreading word of the master’s passing through the household. Mrs. Bennet, becoming inconsolable, was eventually sedated.

Missing Jane is quickly becoming my favorite story that I wrote. I promise it is a low angst, clean, sweet novella. I hope you will pick it up and love it as much as I do.

And now, a GIVEAWAY! Just make a comment on this blog and Sophie will pick 1 lucky winner to receive an ebook copy of Missing Jane. Good luck! And I hope you enjoyed our visit as much as I did. I can’t wait to read your comments.   

Bronwen Chisholm began her writing career working on suspense romance, but finally became a published author with her Pride and Prejudice variations. She takes great pleasure in searching for potential “plot twists” and finding the way back to a happy ending.
Her love of writing has led her to several writing groups, and she is currently serving as the vice president of the Riverside Writers and organizes the Riverside Young Writers.

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Thank you so much for stopping by Bronwen! Your book sounds most interesting. Good luck in the giveaway everyone!