Monday, October 24, 2016

I'll be back before you know it!

Hello my dear readers,

Due to a variety of different circumstances I will be taking a break from my blog and all social media for a few months.

I am having a few health issues at the moment which I need to sort out, and I have some other non-Austen related things going on too, which I need to devote my time and full attention to - unfortunately my life can't always be Austen! (I wish!)

I will aim to be back blogging again after Christmas, for the big Austen year which is 2017! I have many exciting things to share with you early next year as well (which I am not allowed to tell you about yet anyway!)

I am also hoping to come back with a  revamped blog - I have a new logo and some fun new graphics to play around with!

So, I thank you my loyal readers for all the support you have given me over the years - I hope you will continue to support and read my posts when I return from my short break!

I am going to share with you a few photos of some recent Austen adventures I have had and haven't had the chance to do a full blog post about.

I also have plenty of posts on my blog some of my newer readers may not have seen - take a look at 'most popular posts' down the side of my blog for some suggestions!

If you want me, email me on !

See you all again soon, and keep laughing!

Jane Austen Festival 2016

This years promenade outfit - new dress, new bonnet (made by my lovely friend Maria) and a new pelisse! And it was also the first outing for my regency style umbrella!
We were all still jolly despite the rain!

Shocking behaviour!

Meeting the lovely Julie Klassen, author of wonderful regency mystery novels.

Me in the front ^
All gathering before the promenade.

Picnic at the Royal Crescent with fencing....

... and rounders of course!

Meeting this lovely JAFF author Alexa Adams, who was my first ever review request!

With Adrian Lukis, aka Wickham, at a musical recital during the festival when he made a surprise appearance.

I might have purchased a new hat at the regency fayre, which completes my riding habit style look!

My second new outfit this year - zombie fighter! Inspired by Lily James.

My friend Maria also has an outfit - Lizzie and Jane, zombie killers at your service!

Midsommer Nights Dream inspired picnic!

Reading at the Jane Austen Festival

With my sister, who attended her first regency ball with me this festival
Farthingale ball in the assembly rooms, Bath

A duel being fought in my honour!

Heading out on the mini promenade around Bath on the final day of the festival.

Duke of Wellington Dancers Ball
I attended my first private ball with my wonderful friends Amy and Charlotte!

Miss Austen's Assembly - we were dancing in the same room where Jane Austen danced on her 18th birthday!

There was an abundance of pineapples, of which I highly approved!

We were a little like Kitty and Lydia!

I met the lovely Annabel who is a follower of mine, all the way from Malta.
It was great to meet her!

My friends and I might have messed around with the pineapples at the end of the ball...

...including pineapple deportment lessons!

Allemande turn!

Casual conversation, just with pineapples on our heads!


The following day we had a day trip to Netley Abbey, another place Jane Austen in known to have visited.

Of course the pineapples came there too!

We did some impromptu dancing...

As well as played games like Battledore...

And the game Graces - they are both regency games and very fun!

Also, cup and ball too!

My friend Rachel, who organised this ball and day trip.
It was a wonderful weekend - thank you Rachel!

Anyway, keep laughing and I'll be back before you know it!

Your affectionate friend,