Wednesday, December 04, 2013

15 Signs You Belong in a Period Piece Romance

I recently came across this fun post on Buzz Feed and I just had to share it!

(*DISCLAIMER* I did not write this and I am just sharing it with you - I have just replaced the short film clips which can be seen on the original post for pictures in my posting of it.)

I have thought I belong in a period drama for some time now, and this just confirms it - I score 15/15!


1. You want to live in a world where attractive people are only distant because they’re in love with you.

2. And you’re convinced that love only happens when you’re wearing embroidered silk.


"And your defect is a propensity to hate everybody."


3. You daydream about witty conversation with a brooding new acquaintance, rather than small talk.


4. And the impassioned arguments in period dramas are the only times you want to fight with someone.


5. Catcallers/sleazy club prowlers only remind you of Mr. Darcy-types who are reserved and would never!


6. And you wish that if you were hit on, it’d at least be worded eloquently.


7. You would trade text messages for handwritten letters any day.


8. And you’d give up any club/bar for an ornate masquerade ball.



9. You endlessly yearn to be living in an antiquated estate seductively located in the wilderness.

10. And you’ve spent a good deal of time imagining flirtatious walks along estate gardens.


11. You enjoy any opportunity to light candles and create the perfect atmosphere for blossoming romance.


12. You already know what you want your partner to say when they express their undying love. And it’s really poetic.


13. You only wish something life-changing would happen during a storm.


14. You would love to charm someone with one of the many skills you were taught as a child. Be it singing, piano-playing, dancing, drawing or even needlework!


15. And you’re entranced by the notion of ending up with whom you least expect. Like the person you used to loathe, which happens so often in costume dramas.


And, if period literature taught you anything, the right person can come along at any moment and under any circumstances!

I say again, I was not the clever one to create this great post and the credit must all go to this Buzz Feed Fellow!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. Thanks for sharing! It amused me to read this as so many of these points are sort-of true for me ;). A random side-point - I noticed that you included some pictures from Becoming Jane. I have not watched it and was wondering if it was any good (I've heard it strayed quite a bit from Jane Austen's real life).

    1. That is why I shared it! It amused me very much as they all apply to me ;)
      Funny you mention that... I haven't actually seen it yet. I own it and look forward to watching it - I just used the pictures. ;) I heard it strays a bit as well and of course the love story doesn't end well, but I have heard it is good.

  2. #15 made me laugh so much! I used to worry about that very thing, and look at all the boys I disliked with a bit of fear that I would suddenly lose my mind and fall in love with them.

    And then, in college, I fell in love with a guy who annoyed me a lot. And then he didn't annoy me anymore. Very Anne and Gilbert, as I'd always worried.

    1. Oh wow really?! How funny that what you feared actually did happen!

  3. I must say they all apply to me especially #15. The most ironic part....the man I married is a descendant of the D'Arcys who came to England with William the Conquerer but immigrated to the American Colonies.

  4. Hello Mrs Darcy!
    It is I Evie from Goodreads! :D Appologies I haven't emailed you in a while, but I deleted that email account. Please do email me at :)
    Love your blog!


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