Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Competition: Entry #2

This is our second entry by Loretta! This is not actually a Jane Austen related entry (as there was a little confusion about the competition!) but she sent my these lovely poems and I wanted to share them anyway!

Both these poems are taken from her new poetry book, Rhythms of Life.


Cat And The Christmas Tree
We bought our Christmas tree today.
The cat looked quite confused.
We decked it out with lights and things,
with sparkly balls and ding-a-lings,
with tinsel and with candy rings.
And the cat peeped out beneath.

We oohed and aaahed and cooed at it.
The cat got more bemused.
We put our bright wrapped gifts around
beneath the tree, upon the ground;
the carols made a festive sound.
And the cat peeped out beneath.

We went to bed, well satisfied.
The cat stayed down, just staring.
In midst of night we heard a sound,
we all got up and thundered down.
The Christmas tree crashed to the ground.
And the cat peeped out beneath!

First Christmas
No tinsel!
No glitter,
no tree,
no mince pies,
no decorations or turkey
that first Christmas Day.
Blood, pain, poverty.
a star shining like no other star,
an angel choir,
gifts - gold, frankincense and myrrh,
and the Glory of God shone round about!
No greater gift than this,
that most beautiful
first Christmas!


Thank you very much for sending me these lovely poems. Good luck with your new book!

Entry number 3 tomorrow!

Your affectionate friend,
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