Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Competition: Entry #5

Today we have entry number 6 from Apollonia - a beautiful letter!



A Letter Written by Apollonia

My dear and loving Edith,

The days have quickly escaped my mind. I have wondered how you and baby Susan have been doing. I am consistently saving as much money as I can to travel to Yorkshire to visit you both. My darling, no longer fret over my absence with Susan. I am fully aware that my daughter needs her father and all I am asking is that you wait for me and don't run off with another man in the hopes that he will be capable of providing for you. I have saved enough to travel by carriage to come and see you both. No more worries my sweet, gentle Edith. I shall come in no time. Christmas is three days away and if I shall not make it by then, may God punish my soul and leave me to die for I can no longer bear being without you, my love. I have grand gifts for you both and the moment I lay my eyes on you, I know all my worries shall no longer burden me. I still remember Christmases ago, when I proposed to you and the beautiful ball your family held for us. This year, the ball will be bigger and more grand than you could ever imagine! Just you wait and see, my love.

Your loving husband,


What a heart felt letter! Such desperation in his words! This makes me very interested in what could have been the reason for this painful separation. Well done Apollonia!

Your affectionate friend,
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