Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Writing Competition Annoucement

Hello dear readers!

I hope you are beginning to feel festive as Christmas is drawing ever closer!

If you are not, I have something which may help you get into the Christmas spirit!

I am a member (and moderator) of a Jane Austen group on the website Goodreads. It was suggested by one of the lovely members that we hold a little writing contest - all for fun, no prizes! It sounded like a great idea and the response has been great.

 "A spirited beginning of winter engagements - I sincerely hope your Christmas may abound in the gaieties which that season generally brings."

I will posting each of the entries on my blog, starting on the 20th of December with my entry. I should have enough entries to post one a day until early January - and it sounds as though there are going to be some great entries!

Keep an eye out for the posts if you would like a bit of festive Jane Austen reading!

Your affectionate friend,
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  1. I can't wait to get my entry in and read all the others!! :)

  2. I like this kind of things but in French, I cannot write in English :) Is the quote by Jane Austen or/and is it how the entry must start or something like that? I'll try to read the entries anyway :D

    1. I have combined two Jane Austen quotes for the title yes :) It is a very relaxed competition and so the entry can be anything really - I do not begin with that for example. It just gave it a vague genre. I hope you enjoy them :)


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