Tuesday, June 05, 2012

What a pleasant discovery...

Hello dear friends!

Today, my family and I went out in search of a certain pub which we had been told had a certain Jane Austen connection - naturally I had to check this out!

We found the pub and had a lovely lunch. Then I went into the ladies toilet... :D


I walked in to the general area with the wash basin and such, and there were these very atmospheric trees completely covering the walls!

Next I walked into the cubicle, still I couldn't see anything particularly Austen. There was a beautiful scene however, with a lake surrounded by beautiful woods - all beautifully painted! You can see the detail they went to, as even the pipe it painted!

Then I closed the door... to reveal...!!!

Mr Darcy - wet shirt and all!  This is a painting of Colin's Firth's Darcy, in his iconic wet shirt, sitting in a boat, on the lake at Pemberley!
The floor is painted like the boat, making it feel as if you are sitting on the other side of the boat - not to mention that he is looking straight at you!  The entire cubicle is painted - and painted well! Every inch - even the toilet paper dispenser! This creates a really strong scene, and makes it feel quite believable!
You can see the beautiful lake and scenery behind in this one, not to mention the handsome man ;)
This completely made my day! And good on the person who painted this in the first place - very well done! I WILL be going back to that pub soon!

Your affectionate friend,

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  1. Wow! That is amazing and so unique!! Who on earth would ever think to paint Mr. Darcy in a ladies' washroom? hehe
    It must be a bit odd though to have "Colin Firth" staring at you while you're trying to use the facilities. And I can imagine that some ladies who are unaware of the artwork might get quite startled when they close the stall door! haha :)
    I was wondering while reading this post, is the pub in the UK or the USA?
    This made me smile so much, thanks for posting! :D

    1. Someone very keen on Jane Austen!
      it is a strange ... position... to find him ;) but, im not complaining, as you have no option but to look at him!
      yes! and those who don't know where it is from will be very surprised, and think there is a random man on the wall... in the washroom... haha
      it is in the UK! i love in Reading, about an hour from the capital London, and this pub is in a lovely little village called Basildon :)
      Glad it made you laugh! i am to please and entertain! thanks for commenting! i apprectiate the comments , then i know people are reading and enjoying them, making it worth my while!!!:D

  2. I love reading your blog, its light and fun. Keep it up :)

    1. thanks :) i am glad it is appreciated and worth my while! i shall keep it up!

  3. Will definitely take a trip to Upper Basildon VERY soon!!!
    Fancy a bite for lunch :) ?

    1. Isn't it great?! Yes I think we need to go out for lunch soon!

  4. Quite amazing. I wonder if this could bring on fainting to the unsuspecting susceptible woman. Thanks for sharing this. I had only seen the picture on FB. This makes so much more sense now.

    1. I know! Isn't it unique! I am glad it makes more sense now :)


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